Be part of the international gastro competition! This is a call for persons with disability to participate in the international competition organised by Association UNUO from Croatia. Through collaboration with Aġenzija Sapport, persons with disability in Malta have the opportunity to participate in the local competition. The winner will get to represent Malta in the final event in Croatia later this year with representatives from other European countries.



What is Cupi’s Spoon?


Cupi’s Spoon is a fun, amateur, gastro competition that offers a new kind of opportunity for people with disabilities to publicly present their skills through cooking or cocktail preparation.



What to do if you are interested in participating:


  1. Click on the link below, to register your participation and for more information and videos with instructions on how applicants should prepare for the pre-competition.
  2. Choose ONE category! You need to indicate your preference – cooking or cocktails!
  3. Choose ONE favourite dish or drink.
  4. Make preliminary preparations with the help of relatives (at home, at school, at the organisation that you are part of).
  5. Take it to the competition on the 24th July.
  6. Finish your dish or drink at the competition within 10 minutes and serve it on a plate/glasses to the members of the expert jury who will determine the winner.


NOTE: food and beverages are prepared in minimal quantities, not sold or served to the public.


Registrations for participation close on Tuesday 9th July 2024.


The first 25 applications will be accepted.




Who can participate:


Persons with disability over 18 years. Please note that photography and filming will take place. By registering to participate in this event, you are consenting to appear in photos and footage taken during the event.






Date: 24th July 2024

Venue: Valletta

Time: 17:30 – 20:30