Self Advocacy

 Self-advocacy is the ability and opportunity to speak up for yourself. Self-advocacy for persons wth disability is an important factor since it enhances their level of independence and inclusion in society.

Persons with disability practice self-advocacy by representing themselves and others to the authorties and policy makers, entities that provide them with services, and other organisations, whose decision would be impacting them directly. They voice their concerns and needs, thus being active participants in the community.

Aġenzija Sapport facilitates a self-advocacy group, which is made up of a number of service users who meet on a monthly basis to discuss issues that concern them directly. This consultative committee has been active since 2015 and works relentlessly to represent persons with disability who make use of Aġenzija Sapport’s services and empowers its members.

Members of this committee also liaise with the international activists in this field mainly through the European Platform of Self Advocates (EPSA) which gets together self-advocacy groups from around Europe to share knowledge and experiences.