The Agency

In August 2001, the Supported Living Division was set up within the Foundation for Social Welfare Services of the then Ministry for Social Policy. The aim was to establish principles, values and strategies to provide services to persons with disability and to their families. The Division addressed persons with disability having severe challenging behaviour, people with disability at risk of institutionalisation, young people with disability already living in institutions due to lack of alternative accommodation, and people with disability in high need.

The main strategy adopted was to provide people having disability with support rather than care, so that they would be able to achieve independence to the best of their ability, continue living within the community and receive support as and when required.  These values are still at the core of the Agency today.

The Division became an Agency in February 2003, under the name of Aġenzija Sapport as it is still known today. ​Aġenzija Sapport became an autonomous agency in April 2016 through a Legal Notice (L.N. 104 of 2016).

Mission statement

Aġenzija Sapport is the National Agency that provides professional and innovative services to enhance the quality of life of persons with disabilities.


The Agency's vision is to be the leader in guiding the community which promotes ability rather than disability.