Research Requests - Overview

​Students and researchers at academic institutions and research entities who would like to invite Aġenzija Sapport staff members, service users or their relatives to participate in research and/or to collect any form of data, shall contact Aġenzija Sapport’s Research Section and submit a research request. 

Research requests are initially reviewed to check whether or not the Agency has the required access to staff members, service users or relatives who fit the study’s participation criteria, and, to gauge, whenever applicable, whether the Agency could reasonably accommodate the research study being presented. Moreover, research requests are reviewed to ensure that ethical standards are adhered to and to ascertain that the study would not have any undesirable impact on the consenting participants or on the Agency.

Research Request Process:
  1. Research request form is submitted, with required documentation
  2. Sapport Research section reviews request
  3. Research requests may be approved, conditionally approved or refused
  4. Applicants are informed of outcome

Given that only a limited number of studies can be carried out at any point in time, Aġenzija Sapport gives priority to research studies covering topics identified as most relevant by the Agency. Thus, applicants are advised to check about these topics and to gauge the feasibility of their proposed methodology with the Research section prior to submitting a research request.

A list of relevant research topics may be readily obtained from the Research section upon request.

The Research section can be contacted by email on or by phone on +356 2256 8000.