Online Catalogue

Service users attending the Sapport Day Centres participate in tailor-made programmes that enhance their abilities while helping them develop new skills. 
The items displayed in this online catalogue are all handcrafted by service users attending the various Day Centres, guided by dedicated Support Workers. The images below portray some of these works, indeed showing that their abilities are abundant! Those interested in buying any of the items below may contact Aġenzija Sapport by sending an email on or submit form with your comments and requests.
Kindly note that the items are not part of a production line and thus quantities could be very limited and most items are even exclusive. The items are all part of therapeutic programmes managed within the Day Centres.
Any proceedings from the sale of these items are deposited into the Centres’ Donations Funds for use by clients in their various activities, programmes and to buy more material to produce more items. All sales are against a receipt.