Vehicle Road Licence Exemption Scheme

The Vehicle Road Licence Exemption scheme allows people with disability or their parents / carers to be either partially or fully exempted from paying the annual road licence.  An application form is to be submitted together with a copy of the driving licence (if appropriate), a copy of the road licence they already have, a copy of the logbook  of the vehicle and proof of receipt of a disability allowance/pension.

If the client is applying for the first time, or if their vehicle requirements have altered from a previous application, they will be required to attend for an appointment with the Occupational Therapist for assessment. Once all documents are set, the application documents are then sent to the Ministry for Finance and Employment. The decision letter granting exemption from payment of the road licence is ultimately issued by the Ministry for Finance and Employment.​

Click this link for a copy of the scheme's guidelines.​​

How to apply

Fill in a​nd submit the application online: