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How long have you been working at Aġenzija Sapport and what does your role involve? 
I work as a Leader in a day center for persons with disability, where I form part of a team that supports individuals with intellectual disabilities. We support them in attaining independent living, conduct assessments, case reviews and develop strategies in the areas of communication, behavior and community skills. 

I have been working with Aġenzija Sapport for 18 years in various services where I started as a Support Worker, eventually a Coordinator and then, Leader. 

Describe either your most satisfying moment or your biggest challenge in your career. 
My most satisfying moment was when I was promoted to a Leader. I feel very proud that I started from the very bottom and made my way up to where I am today. I am very grateful to those who believed in me and encouraged me to always aim higher. 

What is your favourite food?
I have way too many! However, if I must choose one, I will go for a good burger.

If you could be anywhere right now, locally or abroad, where would it be?
My perfect location would be anywhere in the world as long as I am in the company of my wife Emily and my son Benjamin.

Mention 1 thing from your bucket list.
My bucket list is never ending! Owning a fishing boat is something that pops up quite frequently on my mind. ​

If you could be any character from film or TV, who would you be, and why?
I would choose to be Denzel Washington interpreting the part of John Quincy Archibald in the film John Q because just like him, I would give everything for the ones I love. 

List 3 hashtags that best describe your personality.
#determined #kind #passionate

What is your secret talent?
I can sing! Only whilst having a shower with no audience 😉 ……..  not a secret anymore I guess 😊​


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