Erasmus+ KA2 Partner Search

Calling all entities interested in partnering up with Agenzija Sapport, being the Maltese National Agency responsible for disability for the submission of an Erasmus+ KA-2 application (deadline 23rd March 2022) in relation to the creation of an accredited experiential training programme on ‘psychotherapy and persons with disability’.

This project is aimed at equipping professionals such as psychologists, psychotherapists and counsellors in working with persons with disability. The Programme will provide both knowledge and skills to support such professionals in becoming better acquainted with the concept of disability, and working with persons with different abilities.

We are looking for partners who have the experience and expertise in psychotherapy and disability including educational entities/NGOs/companies as well as entities working with persons with disabilities. 

The modules will include:
- Defining disability; complexities, diversity and uniqueness (Agenzija Sapport)
- Prevalent themes in working with persons with disability (Agenzija Sapport)
-Working therapeutically; 
  • Laying the ground: effective communication with persons with intellectual disability, non-verbal clients etc 
  • Disability and psychological development 
  • Working with trauma; the bodily experience
  • Assessment and Intervention
o projective techniques
o expressive arts; art/drama
o psychodrama

We are looking for partners who have the experience and expertise in delivering any modules indicated above/willing to contribute to further topics. Interested entities may contact us on