Grant on Purchase of Specialised Equipment

The Grant on the Purchase of Special Equipment will provide support and financial assistance to persons with disability and their families in relation to the purchase of special equipment, which is included on a defined list (click this link to access the special equipment list​)​​. An application form is to be submitted together with the invoice and original fiscal receipt, and other documents as stated in the application form below. To be eligible, the application should be submitted to the Ministry of Finance and Employment within 6 months of purchase of the special equipment.​

Online Application for a Grant on the Purchase of Special Equipment:

Note: Grant payable under this scheme is subject to a capping, based on the defined list, of 4.5% or 17.5% on the purchase price of the special equipment up to a maximum of €1,000.00.  This capping will be applicable for a five year period from when the applicant would have benefitted from the first grant.  Therefore, the applicant is able to apply multiple times for this grant scheme but the cumulative amount of the grant/s received cannot be more than the indicated maximum capping over a period of five years
Applications may also be submitted to Aġenzija Sapport, filled in and accompanied by all the necessary documents listed below:

Document check-list :
  • A copy of the Special Identity Card of the person with disability;
  • If this application is being submitted on behalf or a person with disability, a copy of this person’s ID Card. In both cases, in the absence of an ID Card, a copy of any other official document as described in paragraph 4(ii)(b) of the following Notice​ is to be submitted (click here to access Notice​​);
  • The original fiscal receipt of the special equipment;
  • The original invoice of the special equipment;
  • In the case of special equipment not purchased from Malta:
    1. The original invoice issued by the supplier of the special equipment;
    2. The delivery note and original documentary proof that final payment has been effected;
    3. ​As may be required, clearance from Maltapost / Department of Customs. These documents must confirm that: (i) the special equipment was really purchased; (ii) that the purchase price of the special equipment, which price includes duty and VAT as may be required, was really paid in full; (iii) that such a purchase was effected by the applicant for the applicant; and that (iv) the special equipment was delivered to the applicant’s residence or to the residence of the special equipment’s beneficiary. The purchased special equipment must also have a certificate of conformity with EU standard safety regulations, as may be required.

Aġenzija Sapport will not accept accplications which have missing details or missing documents.