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How long have you been working at Aġenzija Sapport and what does your role involve? 
In October 2020, I celebrated my 5th Anniversary as a Sign Language Interpreter within the Agency.  I form part of a small but very active team of sign language interpreters offering services to Deaf service users and to other entities who seek to make their events accessible in this language (LSM) – Maltese Sign Language which, is now one of the 3 official languages in Malta.

Describe either your most satisfying moment or your biggest challenge in your career. 
Overall, my job is extremely challenging but very satisfying. I will pick one of the most satisfying moments: when I was interpreting for a Deaf Maltese person who graduated – he was the first Deaf person to attend university lectures with the support of sign language interpreting services in Malta. 

What is your favourite food?
Not easy to answer! I enjoy cooking and dining out; food is one of our pleasures. I really love seafood. Tagliatelle with lobster would be my favourite! If I am in the mood, I also like Indian food a lot.

If you could be anywhere right now, locally or abroad, where would it be?
I really love travelling and this year was a tough one, so definitely if could, I would be abroad. Italy is my favourite country, in fact I have been there over 25 times but still every time I visit, there is something new to explore in every region.

Mention 1 thing from your bucket list.
Sleeping in an igloo to watch the northern lights.

If you could be any character from film or TV, who would you be, and why?
Mary Poppins! I would love to be practically perfect in every way. I am clearly not, but in a film everything is possible! It would also be helpful to have some magic helping out! 

List 3 hashtags that best describe your personality.
It would be best to ask this question to the people who know me best! 
However, I would say: #conscientious #passionate #funny​

What is your secret talent?
Singing!! Hehehehe No! Unfortunately not, although I would love to! I love music but I am a terrible singer.

Secret talent, I don’t think I have any secrets and I think I am an ‘all rounder’ with no particular talents. I have an artistic flair and I think I am a creative person who appreciates culture, but I don’t consider myself talented in that way. Maybe my talent would be that I am very friendly, fun and empathic. Although I am not sure that these count as talents! I am also a multitasker.


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