Applications related to Schemes and Services are administered by Aġenzija Sapport in accordance to Legal Notice (L.N. 104 of 2016). The applications are presented in gender inclusive language. However, reference to a particular gender is used where it is, or is felt to be, more appropriate.​​


Download Applications

To download and fill in applications to submit by post or by hand, please click here​.



To submit online applications, click on the MT (Maltese version) or EN (English version) of the Scheme or Service as required below.


Empowerment Scheme​ ​MT - EN​​​​​​​​​​
Grant on Purchase of Specialised Equip​ment​ MT - EN
Vehicle Road Licence Exemption Scheme​ MT​ - EN​​​
Vehicle Registration Tax Exemption Scheme MT​ - EN​​


Research Request - Assignment / Coursework​ - MT - EN​​​​​
Research Request - Dissertation​ - MT - EN​​
Research Request - Non-Student​ - MT - EN​​​​
Sharing Lives - Volunteer​ MT - EN​
Social Work Service Referral​ - MT - EN​
Sonia Tanti Independent Living Centre - MT​ - EN​
Support Groups for Siblings of Persons with Disability​ - MT - EN​
Workshops and Support Groups​ - MT - EN​​​​​​