Other Activities

Photoshoot and Photo Exhibition
An event organised by Sharing Lives volunteers consisted of a photoshoot in which nine service users participated. This photoshoot was designed to challenge unrealistic standard of beauty that exists today and demonstrate that there is confidence, strengths and uniqueness in each individual person. It also aimed to break the stereotypes associated with disability and to reinforce positive attitudes towards persons with disability.

The event also aimed to help the service users develop a positive self-image and to see themselves as no different from others.

Following this, 10 large professional photographs of the service users were selected and displayed in a professionally set-up exhibition.
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Lights, Camera, (Faith in) Action!
A volunteer organized a number of sessions targeting a small group of young persons with disabilities. The aim of these sessions was to ensure that young persons with disabilities participate and have a space where they can engage in spiritual reflection through voluntary experiences.
Several group sessions were held to build the group, reflect, share ideas in preparation to the voluntary experience. The medium of photography was also used as a tool of reflection.
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Summer live-in
A summer live-in was organised in September 2018 for 15 young people at Villa Psaigon, DIngli. Professionals from Aġenzija Sapport led the live-in with the support of a number of volunteers. The aims of the live-in were to provide young people with a space to socialise with other young people, learn basic concepts on nutrition, relationships and positive self-image, as well as engage in leisure and fun activities.
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Other activities included:
  • Adventure day with AFM