Become a Volunteer

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Sharing Lives’ volunteers are people from 16 years and over coming from all walks of life. They are students, pensioners, homemakers, members of other voluntary organisations and individuals offering their time in their professional capacity.

There are two main ways how volunteers can help:
  1. One can participate and help organise unique activities for the people with the disability in a group context.
  2. One can act as a social contact where the volunteers are matched with a person with disability who he/she can befriend.

Events may be one-off activities or a programme of events.

Volunteers on long-term basis will be given continious support and be provided with training and supervision, thus also ensuring that the service provided is of high standard, and safeguarding both the persons with disabilities and the volunteers.

The process​

  1.  Interested individuals are requested to fill-in and submit an application form and submit together with a recent police conduct. Applications may be submitted online:
  • ​​​​​​​A reference is requested to recommend the volunteer to work with persons with disability. This may be a professional, priest, teacher etc. which knows the individual.
  • Volunteers who are minors are also required to submit a parents’ consent form. This specific form can be provided by the Sharing Lives’ team upon request.
  • Prospective volunteers will then be called for an interview with professionals of the Agency.​

 2. The scope of this interview is for the volunteer to learn more about Sharing Lives, for the professionals to get to know the volunteer and to identify ways how he/she can contribute to the service.

 3. Selected volunteers are henceforth inducted and a plan is created together with the Sharing Lives team on how the voluntary work will be best offered.

Sharing Lives also organise periodical activities to build the team of volunteers.

Volunteers that accumulate more than 30 hours of service at the end of their experience will be presented with a certificate from the Agency. There are also other incentives in place to support the volunteers in their work with the service users.

The service is also supported and registered with Degree Plus at the University of Malta.​