Collaborators of Sharing Lives include NGOs, private companies or other institutions in the community. These are entities willing to share their resources and availability to collaborate with Sharing Lives in a joint initiative targeting persons with disability that make use of our services. The initiative could be a one-time event or a programme planned over a number of sessions.

Entities interested in collaborating with Sharing Lives can request a meeting with a member of the team to discuss their proposed idea or to create a plan together on how their entity could contribute to Sharing Lives.

Those interested may contact the team by phone on 2256 8000 or by email on
Examples of past / ongoing Collaborations:
  • Youtheme Foundation and YMCA

In 2019, Sharing Lives collaborated with YMCA and Youtheme Foundation in a project called Rhythm of Life. The project came to existence through the joined efforts of Arno Sissau and Enes Ozsemerci, two volunteers from the YMCA and Youtheme Foundation respectively.

Rhythm of life consisted of regular sessions where a group of young people with various disabilities learnt basic DJ skills. The result of the project was the production of a music track, which the service users also performed during a rave party called Power Pie.

During the first run of the project in 2019, the sessions were delivered by Enes Ozsemerci and Tina Camilleri with the support of other volunteers of Sharing Lives.

The second run of Rhythm of Life is being carried out in collaboration with YMCA and their volunteers. The aim of the programme is to introduce the service users to a broader idea of what music is and use sound experimentation and creativity as a means of empowerment and emotional expression.

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  • Brain’s Foundation
Sharing Lives in collaboration with The Brian Foundation offers service users the possibility to engage in regular rugby sessions. The Foundation seeks to improve the human condition on individuals in their community though skills learning and education.
A group of service users from Sharing Lives meet with a professional coach, namely Chev. Marco Ortica, twice a month to practice rugby using the MARQOS method. This aims to help young people learn to become athletes by attaining specific abilities through:
  • psycho-motor coordination
  • bettering social relations
  • working in groups by following rules
  • learning to manage life’s challenges
  • promoting resilience and integration at all levels
Through these rugby practices, learners:
  • work on motor skills
  • work on their attention and reaction
  • experience sensorial involvement
  • understand ways and rules to learn and face the challenges of everyday life
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  • Sedqa: Prevention Programme
Sharing Lives collaborated with the Prevention Service of Aġenzija Sedqa. Professionals from this programme organised a series of workshops directed towards young service users from Sharing Lives. The workshops were carried out in an informal and interactive context and tackled various themes such as stress management, use of social media, decision-making, alcohol etc.  

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Other collaborators include:
  • Noah’s Ark
  • HSBC
  • Plethora Dance
  • Armed Forces of Malta (AFM)
  • St. Anne Local Band Club​
  • Aġenzija Żgħażagħ
  • Science in the City​
  • Malta Rabbit Club