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How long have you been working at Aġenzija Sapport and what does your role involve? 
I have been working at Aġenzija Sapport for the past year and a half. As a Social Worker I work directly with persons with a disability as well as with their families in facilitating independent living within society. I perceive my role to be very complex and colourful, however if I had to describe it in one phrase it would be ‘an enabler’. As an enabler I seek to support and empower clients through their toughest of times, to identify one’s personal strengths and resources, to offer guidance and equip one with skills and positive attributes, and to advocate for one’s personal rights. Through all of this, I aim to work alongside the client to enable a better quality of life.​

Describe either your most satisfying moment or your biggest challenge in your career. 
Despite its challenges, social work brings with it a number of satisfying moments through our work with the clients. As humans, we tend to perceive ‘satisfying moments’ to be big achievements. However, in social work I have learnt to appreciate every little step and improvement in every situation. These little achievements are very precious and satisfying to me, especially when I realize that it is having a positive impact on one’s general well-being.

What is your favourite food?
I do not think I have a favourite, but I do like spicy food and seafood.

If you could be anywhere right now, locally or abroad, where would it be?
If I could be anywhere right now, I would be either in Vietnam or Indonesia – surrounded by nature and outside of Europe.

Mention 1 thing from your bucket list.
To attend to one of Lana Del Rey’s concerts.

If you could be any character from film or TV, who would you be, and why?
I would be Monica from the TV series ‘Friends’. I really relate to her as I consider myself to be quite a perfectionist. Like her, I value the importance of relationships and connections, both on a personal level with my peers and family, as well as on a professional level with my colleagues and clients.

List 3 hashtags that best describe your personality.
#trustworthy #sensitive #artistic

What is your secret talent?
My secret talent would be playing the piano by ear.


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