Work Placements

Through the INK project, Aġenzija Sapport offers employers the opportunity to host persons with disability for a work placement aimed at enabling them to realise their full potential, whilst in return providing the hosting entity with valuable contribution in its daily running.

Work placements are an essential component of the INK project, and thus INK Project professionals offer all the necessary support to make this process as easy and seamless as possible to the employer.​

The process:

  • A meeting is held to discuss what positions are available at the entity and the tasks required.
  • It is important for INK Job Coaches to understand the tasks of each position. This is in order to be able to suggest participants who would be a likely match for the company, considering the  beneficiaries’ abilities and interests. 
  • Beneficiaries suggested would have completed training focused on preparing them for the labour market.
  • Job Coaches will present CVs of suggested beneficiaries and schedule an interview.
  • The project also offers job-shadowing. Job Mentors will accompany the persons with disability on the job to help them until them become confident to carry out the work themselves and be independent. The duration of this is dependent on the individual. 
  • Job Mentors will be able to explain and suggest methods of carrying out tasks in a way the participant will be able to understand. Thus reducing the time given by employees to delegate tasks.
  • Job Mentors work hand in hand with the employer during work placements by having constant feedback and communication to make sure that the needs of the beneficiary are met, and the employer is satisfied with the work that is being received from the beneficiary.

The placement:

  • INK Project has a contact that needs to be endorsed by the company, INK Beneficiary and Agenzija Sapport CEO in order for the work placement to take place. Although a contract is signed, the work placement can be terminated at any phase of the period.
  • The duration is up to 20 hours per week for a period ranging from a minimum of 12 weeks to a maximum of 20 weeks.
  • During this placement, the beneficiary is paid by the INK project, not by the hosting entity. Thus there is no financial obligation for the company.

INK Project offers the above Work Placement to facilitate the process of hiring persons with disabilities; however it is up to hosting entity to decide whether to offer an employment contract. Entities hosting placements are under no obligation to hire the participant.​​​​​​​​​

Interested employers may express their interest by calling on 2256 8000 and asking for INK Project, via an email at or by post to the attention of INK Project, Aġenzija Sapport, Professional Development Centre, Triq il-Ħarrub, Santa Venera SVR 9018.​ ​