Public Calls

INK – Person-Focused Inclusion

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CT2051/2019 – Tender for the Provision of Transport Services using Environmentally Friendly Minivans and Tail Lift Vans, for Agenzija Sapport

CT2115/2019 – Tender for the Demolition, Excavation and Construction Works in an Environmentally Friendly Manner as Part 1 of Phase 1 of the Mtarfa Day Centre Project for Aġenzija Sapport

MPU-MFCS 19039 – Tender for the Supply of Interfolded Hand Towels for Aġenzija Sapport.

MPU-MFCS 19048 – Re-issue of Tender for the Provision of Maintenance and Repair Services of Electrical, Plumbing & other Related Works for the Residences, Day-Centres and Offices at Aġenzija Sapport.

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