Blue Badge Renewal and Termination

Should the information on the Blue Badge become illegible, the holder should contact Aġenzija Sapport and ask for it to be replaced.

If the card is lost, the holder must present a police report to Aġenzija Sapport for a new card to be issued.

The Blue Badge is a legal document and thus, in the case of the owner’s death, Aġenzija Sapport must be informed and the Blue Badge immediately returned. If the Blue Badge is not returned upon informing the Agency of the Blue Badge owner’s death, two notices are issued by Aġenzija Sapport after which it requests the Commissioner of Police to collect it.

  1. The owner of the Blue Badge must never give the document to friends or family members to allow them to have the benefit of the parking concessions. 
  2. One must never make copies of the Blue Badge or change the details on such a document.