Community Services - Overview

The Community Services provide community-based support to persons with disability and their families in Malta and Gozo. The service’s overarching aim is to assist persons with disability to lead an independent life in the community, whilst enhancing the quality of life of both the service user and his or her guardians. It provides services aimed at the individual’s wants and needs according to one’s abilities and limitations, following an assessment and intervention plan carried out before the service commences. The service is offered to individuals being followed by Aġenzija Sapport Social Workers. Eligible individuals referred to the service are those with social issues that needs close monitoring while learning or enhancing new skills to promote participation and independence in the community.  

The service may encompass interventions aimed at: improving one’s personal care; assistance in learning and participation in housekeeping skills; community participation and social skills; engagement in leisure activities; prevention and management of behaviours of concerns following positive behaviour interventions. This service may also be provided within a group setting according to age or level of performance, including group projects for minors and adults.


Sapport Community Services are an award-winning service, having been presented with the European Social Services Award for Excellence 2021 by the European Social Network. 


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