Community Services - Overview

By adopting a holistic approach, the Community Services team aims to empower persons with disability and their families / caregivers through personal assistance, socialisation and intervention to improve their quality of life, and thus promote their right to learn, choose and develop their skills which are often taken for granted by persons without disabilities. The service also focuses on increasing social awareness by integrating persons with disabilities - whether intellectual, physical or both - within the community and introducing them to everyday situations. 
Community Service is provided both in Malta and Gozo, and targets a variety of needs as experienced by the individual with disability and/or their family/caregivers. The intervention strategies or personal assistance needs are reviewed according to necessity to determine whether the identified outcomes are being achieved.
Community programmes can be offered for personal assistance, socialisation, community access or intervention:​ 
  • Personal Assistance provides direct personalised support to help these persons with activities of daily living within their home, workplace or in the community, where and when needed. This support is also commonly sought out by, but not limited to, primary caregivers who support persons with severe disabilities.​
  • Intervention provides an opportunity for persons with disabilities to continue developing their skills or receive training to learn new skills within the community environment. The main goal is to focus on daily living skills, communication and social interaction to prepare persons with disabilities for school, work, day centres, or general socialisation within the community.​