Aġenzija Sapport Consultative Committee

Addressing the need to collaborate further with service users and their relatives or legal guardians, the Agency has introduced the Aġenzija Sapport Consultative Committee. This initiative facilitates dialogue between the Agency and service users and encourages the exchange of experiences and expertise for the benefit of all. 

The non-executive Aġenzija Sapport Consultative Committee provides a forum for a representation of the Agency’s service users, their relatives and legal guardians. The Consultative Committee makes recommendations to Aġenzija Sapport in relation to its services and programmes.

The aim of the committee is:
  • To discuss issues exclusively related to Aġenzija Sapport services; 
  • To propose ideas on how the services can be improved, especially to better suit the needs and preferences of persons with disabilities and their relatives or legal guardians;
  • To share experiences related to the services offered by the Agency as well as relevant knowledge and information that may contribute to the improvement of the services;
  • To readily engage in dialogue with service users, their relatives, their legal guardians and service providers;
  • To listen to, consider and discuss different perspectives and to present new ideas.

For any queries, interested individuals may send an email on qa.sapport@gov.mt or phone on the Aġenzija Sapport Helpline 153 (and press 5) or on 2256 8000.