The mission of the Day Services is to “empower the service user to acquire skills and abilities that would best help him/her achieve the ability to use self-determination, and benefit from inclusion in the community, whilst enjoying and capitalising on an enabling environment centered on and around the service user needs".
The Day Services were passed on to Aġenzija Sapport in 2007 and currently there are twelve Day Centres for Persons with Disability in Malta and Gozo. The aim is to help persons with disability to continue developing their potential through different types of activities, and to provide support to their families so that such persons can continue living within the community without being socially excluded or institutionalised. The Day Services also aim to enhance each service users’ ability in regards to independent living skills and thus empowering them to live as independently as possible and enhance employability skills to the maximum of the service users’ potential.
The objectives of the service are reached by:
  • providing core skilled programmes such as basic skills towards independent living supported by other skills that enhance quality of life;
  • developing programmes which enable service users to engage in as many activities as possible within the community, both in occupational nature and leisure activities;
  • carrying out programmes of physical and psychological well-being as well as activities that enhance the service users' educational, social communication, cultural and leisure abilities.
The Day Services support service users to establish links with other individuals, and assist them to benefit from other resources that already exist within the community. The service users spend their time at the Day Centres by actively participating in a variety of activities which aim to enhance their overall abilities and to reach the maximum of their individual potential. Assisted by the supporting staff, the service users participate in activities such as card-making, pottery and food preparation. Service users also have the opportunity to engage in music, arts, drama, needlework, woodwork, animal husbandry, computer skills and literacy programmes. Events are organised from time to time so that the service users share and enhance their various skills, whilst empowering them to interact with other service users from different Centres.
The service users also benefit from the services of Speech Language Pathologists and Adult Educators.