Day Services - Referrals and Assessments

Referrals for Day Services can be put forward by the Intake Team within the Assessment and Intervention Team as well as resource centres within the educational system in Malta and Gozo. Upon receiving a referral, the applicant will be placed on a waiting list. The initial prioritisation profile is conducted so as to indicate the urgency of the case. A Support Executive within Day Services will carry out an assessment to get relevant information about the needs, interests and wishes of the individual, which information will aid the management team in the best allocation to one of the centres. 
Follow-up assessments are conducted so as to update the prioritisation profile and liaise accordingly should the individual require other services. Once an applicant is identified for a day centre, an orientation visit is organised. A case conference will follow once the allocation is confirmed. Follow-up assessments in the form of case reviews are then done on a yearly basis, carried out by a multi-disciplinary team, which includes the individual with disability, his/her relatives and a pool of professionals who are involved in the daily life of the individual. Such process leads to the formulation of an Individual Support Plan, which is then revised on a regular basis. It is of utmost importance that these persons are involved at all levels and in all stages of the preparation and the planning of this programme.​​​​​​​​