Referrals and Assessments

Upon receiving a request for the Day Services, the Social Work Services of Aġenzija Sapport will carry out the intake assessment and arrange for the necessary follow-up services. The team of Social Workers will short-list the referrals based on the significant and critical needs of the individuals, and submit their assessments to the central administration of the Day Services.
Prior to admission, another assessment is carried out by the Day Services Social Worker to assess whether the needs are still the same. Follow-up assessments are done on a yearly basis, carried out by a multi-disciplinary team, which includes the individual with disability, his/her relatives and a pool of professional staff who are involved in the daily life of the individual. Such process leads to the formulation of an Individual Support Plan, which is then revised on a regular basis. It is of major importance that these persons are involved at all levels and in all stages of the preparation and the planning of this programme.