FAQs - HR: People Management & Employee Well-Being

1. How many employees are there within Aġenzija Sapport and what type of professionals does the Agency employ?

Aġenzija Sapport has over 600 employees and the majority of them are in the services sector; with around 340 Support Workers. The Agency also employs a number of other professionals, including Support Executives, Social Workers, Sign Language Interpreters, and Allied health professionals, among others. There are also other departments such as Finance, Maintenance and Projects, Quality Assurance, HR, Marketing, Administration and EU Projects. The Agency also employs a number of administrative staff.

Working within our Agency gives a sense of satisfaction and offers a career to those wishing to specialise in disability.

2. What does one need to do in order to apply for a position with Aġenzija Sapport?

It is important that whoever is looking for a career opportunity follows the section Public Calls & Vacancies in the Agency’s website www.sapport.gov.mt. It is imperative that one reads the vacancy information thoroughly since there would be important details on the particular vacancy. Adverts for vacancies are also published on the Agency’s social media pages (such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn).

3. What does the eligibility criteria mean? Who can apply?

It depends on the vacancy. Every vacancy has its own requisites since every role within the Agency requires employees with qualifications and certain experience. This is to make sure that the work is being done professionally and according to standards.

4. What does one need to do if one does not have these requisites?

It is important to emphasise that one needs to continue investing in courses and training. One needs to search for specialised and vocational courses like the ones offered at MCAST.

The Agency invests in training and continuous professional development of its employees. The work in itself provides satisfaction and there is space for professional growth.