1. How can I start benefiting from ICLM Services?

The first point of contact is the Assessment and Intervention Services team. A person with disability requiring a subsidy to acquire personal assistance will first be assessed by a Social Worker and presented to the respective board according to hours requested. 

Once the service is approved and commences, claims are immediately processed by the ICLM team. Once the social workers deem that social work intervention is over, the situation will pass to the ICLM professional team.

2. How can I contact the ICLM Team?

The ICLM Team may be contacted on 2256 8000 during the Agency’s opening hours Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 16:30. Alternatively one my call the Aġenzija Sapport Helpline – Freephone 153 (and press 5).

3. Who provides the service?

The ICLM team consists of qualified professionals who administer the service. Other professionals from the Assessment and Intervention Services are also involved from the service commencement to the overall provision and review of service. 

4. When is service provided?

Services can be utilised at any time with the agreement of the service users and the worker. ICLM professional services can be provided from Monday to Friday from 07:30-17:30. 

5. If I receive ICLM services is it possible for me to benefit from occupational therapy or other professional services?

The ICLM Services does not involve an Occupational Therapist but if an assessment from an Occupational Therapist or other professional service is required, the ICLM professionals can refer the service user accordingly.

6. Are staff trained and qualified?

ICLM staff are all qualified professionals. Direct Payment, Independent Community Living and Personal Assistance Fund provide a subsidy for service provision which is commissioned from a number of other private agencies by the service user him/herself.

7. I am not always available at the same time or on the same days. Can I still utilise ICLM Services?

Service regularity is dependent on the service user’s needs and based on the availabilities of the chosen personal assistant. Direct Payment or Independent Community Living and Personal Assistance Fund are considered as a more flexible form of Community Service, as they offers more control over service provision and times. 

8. I am not yet accessing Aġenzija Sapport services but I am now unable to care for myself or the person with disability I am responsible for. I need urgent help. What can I do?
ICLM Services do provide subsidy on an emergency basis according to needs identified through an in-depth assessment conducted by the Assessement and Intervention Services team. 

9. A family member is able to provide the service through Direct Payment/Independent Community Living. Is this allowed?
There are policies in place for each service provided.  ICLM Services do not encourage service provision by family members as this could limit necessary respite required by the family. There is the potential to apply for the Carer’s allowance provided by the Department of Social Security. More information can be requested through the Assessment and Intervention Services on 2256 8000 or through the Aġenzija Sapport Helpline – Freephone 153 (and press 5)​.

10.  I already receive another service from Aġenzija Sapport. Can I also access ICLM Services?

Depending on the service required, ICLM subsidies can be accessed in conjunction with:
Social work interventions
Day Services
Sign Language Interpretation
Sharing Lives

If a person resides in one of the Agency’s residences, ICLM Services cannot be accessed.