FAQs - Parents' Workshops

1. What d​o the workshops consist of?

Workshops offer information and emotional support to parents/ guardians of children with disability. Workshops are 2 hours long.

2. What happens during the sessions?

The participants discuss a variety of topics which have initially been chosen after consulting with parents of children with disability. These include: dealing with diagnosis, overprotectiveness, self-care and importance of respite, disciplining a child with disability, what will happen in the future, and sexuality, amongst many others.

3. When and where are they held?

These workshops are held once a month at the Agency’s Professional Development Centre in Santa Venera. There is a morning group and an evening group so to accomodate different needs of the parents.

4. Who can attend and how can I apply?

Any parent / guardian can apply by calling on 2256 8000 and ask for the Social Work team, which coordinates these groups.

5. Are there any other benefits?

Child minding is offered upon request.​​