FAQs - People Assistance Schemes

Empower​ment Scheme​

1. Who can apply for and benefit from this scheme?  Is there a specific age group?
Persons with disability who need to purchase assistive equipment which would allow them to lead a more independent life, can apply for this scheme.  There is no specific age group (i.e. babies and elderly included).

2. Do you need to have the Special Identity Card (SID), which is issued by the CRPD, to apply for this scheme?

 No, for this scheme one does not need to have the SID card.

3. What is type of assistive equipment is included in the Empowerment Scheme?

Assistive equipment includes, but may not be limited to: electric/powered wheelchairs, motorised/hospital beds, pressure relief/air mattresses, walking aids, arm chairs/recliners, hoist system, gel cushions, commode chairs, scooters, alternative communication devices and applications, manual stair climbers and hearing aids.
4. Do I get a full refund of the total cost of the equipment?

No, only a subsidy (partial refund) is allocated by the Board.  There is no specific percentage on which one is allocated the funds. The Board makes the decision when it is assessing the application at that point in time.
The Board includes a number of professionals, who advise and provide information to persons with disability on how they can purchase equipment according to their individual needs.

5. Is the scheme means-tested?

No. The application no longer requires the applicant's income documents.

6. Is transport included in this scheme?  Do I get full refund of the total expense?

Yes, transport is included in this scheme, however, only a subsidy is allocated to the applicant.

7. Are computers and tablets included in this scheme?

No, computers and tablets are not covered by the Empowerment Scheme, unless they are being specifically used as a communication device which pertain recommended applications.


Grant on the Purchase of Specialised Equipment​ 

1. Do I get further financial assistance on the equipment bought?

Yes, however only partial subsidy is given, although payment is not issued from Aġenzija Sapport but through the Ministry of Finance. In fact, you can apply online by clicking the following link: 
Link for Grant on Purchase of Specialised Equipment by Persons with Special Needs.​  Moreover, in order to benefit from this scheme, one has to have the Special Identity Card (SID) which is issued by the CRPD.  Also, the applications must be submitted by not later than 3 months from the date of purchase of the special equipment.

Additionally, such Grant applies only to specific items found on the official list issued in the Government Gazette. Such information can be found in the following links:
Click this link for Government Gazette - Grant Scheme
Click this link for list of equipment

2.  Is there a limit to how much I get refund?
Yes. The Grant payable under this scheme is subject to a capping, based on the defined list, of 4.5% or 17.5% on the purchase price of the special equipment up to a maximum of €1,000.00.  This capping will be applicable for a five year period from when the applicant would have benefitted from the first grant.  Therefore, the applicant is able to apply multiple times for this grant scheme but the cumulative amount of the grant/s received cannot be more than the indicated maximum capping over a period of five years​.


Vehicle Road Licence Exemption Scheme & Car Registration Exemption Scheme

1. Do you need to have the Special Identity Card (SID), to apply for these schemes?

Yes, for these schemes the applicant needs to have the SID card, issued by CRPD, otherwise the application/s is/are not accepted.

2. Are the schemes means-tested?

No, they are not means-tested.​

3. What are the General Criteria of the schemes:
  • In order to benefit from the Vehicle Registration Tax Exemption, the car must not be previously registered in Malta.  Only exception is when the vehicle is being purchased locally from the person with disability directly.
  • Also, vehicles registered in Malta from 1st January 2009, will not qualify for Free Road Licence if the Co2 emissions are high (NOT more than 150g/km for diesel engines and NOT more than 180g/km for petrol engines). It is the applicant’s responsibility to check the vehicle’s emission level on the logbook. This is also indicated on the last page of the application.
  • Additionally, another criteria of these schemes is that when the person’s disability started at the age of 65 or after, he/she has to be the driver in order to benefit from the Vehicle Registration Tax Exemption and Road License Exemption Schemes. However, this does not apply for those applying on Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles. 
  • Furthermore, approval for the Road Licence exemption may lead to either full exemption or 50% of the exemption whereby one needs to pay half of the Road Licence.​​​