FAQs - Sharing Lives - Becoming a volunteer

1. Who can be a volunteer?

Volunteers with Sharing Lives have to be 16 years and older. However, young people who are under 18 years of age are required to obtain a parental consent. Volunteers come from all walks of life. Some are students (both local and foreign), pensioners, members of NGOs, and even professionals coming from different sectors of society like chefs, artists, musicians etc. who wish to use their skills and resources for a good cause.

2. How can I apply to become a volunteer?

Simply download the volunteers application form from the Sapport website, fill it in and send it to Aġenzija Sapport or fill our online form. You can always call the Agency on 2256 8000 to guide you through it. Shortly after we receive your application, we will make contact with you to schedule an interview where you will meet with some of the professionals involved in Sharing Lives to discuss further your application and to get to know you. 

3. For how long do I need to commit?

There is no definite limit of hours you can commit to. However, we would appreciate that you communicate clearly your intention and availabilities. Moreover, it is good to know that we offer a certificate of appreciation for those volunteers who provide 30 hours of service or over. Long-term volunteers will also have the opportunity to access training and other incentives which we offer from time to time.

4. In what way can I be of help as a volunteer?

Volunteers can offer their service in different ways. You can act as a social contact to a person with disability offering the opportunity for the client to have a good chat with someone and enjoy a social event. Otherwise, you could participate or even help us organise social activities with the involvement of people with disability. Voluntary experiences at a day centre or residential service can also be considered. We just ask you to come forward to discuss your ideas and see where your skills could best be of use.

5. What support will I receive during the experience?

The team of Sharing Lives will always be available to discuss any difficulties you may encounter and see how we could further support you. Furthermore, long-term volunteers will have regular supervision scheduled with a professional from the team who can guide you throughout the experience. We value our volunteers and strongly believe that voluntary work is a learning experience and an excellent opportunity for growth.  Thus, we will also consider your learning goals and will help you to achieve them.

6. Who are the people that I will work with?

Once your application is accepted, you will join a team of other volunteers and professionals. We regularly work together and consult each other when carrying out activities, putting in our skills, knowledge and resources to create a unique experience for our service users. The beneficiaries of such initiatives are people who are 18 years old and over with various physical and intellectual disabilities.​​​