How to access the service

At the intake stage the situation is reviewed by Social Workers from the Sapport Assessment and Intervention team, who conduct the initial contact with the person with disability and assess their needs and refer the service user to the respective board to be allocated a subsidy for personal assistance. 

Once this request is approved and service commences, the ICLM administration team will follow and process the monthly claims. 

When it is deemed that the situation does not entail the need for social work services the situation is passed on to the ICLM professional team. The ICLM would then be responsible for following and assessing the situation, creating an ISP (Individual Support Plan) for the service user and working in tandem with the service user and the outsourced Support Worker for the benefit of the service user as well as processing of monthly claims. 
If on the other hand the situation is kept within the Sapport Assessment and Intervention team, the Monitoring team would only process the monthly claims.