Residential Services - Referrals and Assessments

Res​idential Services may be accessed by any individual with disability, both minors and adults, who requires such support and is therefore not restricted to any type of impairment. The Service follows the below criteria:
  • priority is given to individuals having disability with challenging behaviour, at high risk of being institutionalised, or in high need;
  • the request submitted by a person with disability can be met with the resources currently available in the particular Residence, should there be any vacancy. When such resources are not immediately accessible, Aġenzija Sapport will commit itself to obtain such resources, or to try and find alternative placements;
  • the person with disability, his/her family, and/or service providers are encouraged to participate in the Individual Support Plan and Person-Centred Planning process. The person with disability, his/her family, and/or service providers are involved as per the requirements of the particular service.

Beyond meeting general eligibility criteria, each individual will be assessed with respect to his/her suitability with the other residents of the programme. This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • compatibility of needs, strengths and/or behaviour with those of the other residents;
  • compatibility in terms of age and personality;
  • Whether the premises is adequate to the clients’ individual needs.

Upon receiving a request, the Social Work Services will carry out the intake assessment and arrange for follow-up services. The team of Social Workers will short-list the referrals based on the significant and critical needs of the individuals, and submit their assessments to the Service Allocation Committee (SAC) for allocation of services. The Service is allocated in accordance with the request being made and the availability of resources and applicants are informed of the SAC decision in writing. When Agency resources permit for a particular service as approved by SAC to commence, an Individual Support Plan based on Person-Centred Approach is designed, with the involvement of the concerned person with disability and his/her circle of support.