Service Allocation Committee

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The aim of the Service Allocation Committee (SAC) is to ensure a non-discriminatory and non-preferential procedure in the allocation of the Independent Community Living Fund services through a committee that is formed of members that are not Agency employees. Board members are chosen by the Honorable Minister of the Family and Social Solidarity and  must include:

One professional from the community in a related field;

  • ​One person having disability as a representative from the community (KNPD);
  • Service Manager or his/her delegate (Aġenzija Sapport);
  • One member of staff from Social Work Unit who has carried out the initial assessment (Aġenzija Sapport). The Social Work Service staff member has no vote since s/he is representing the client.




The Service Allocation Committee meets on average once a month, or as frequent as needed, to meet the need of individuals at-risk.​