FAQs - Sharing Lives - Persons with disability

 ​1. ​How can I / one join Sharing Lives?
A person with disability who is interested in joining Sharing Lives and who is already benefiting from Sapport services, is referred to Sharing Lives by a Social Worker within Aġenzija Sapport following an assessment. The Social Worker will provide a guide through the application process and required documents.
In cases where a person with disability who is not in contact with the Agency yet, one can contact the Social Work Services within Aġenzija Sapport either by phone on 2256 8000 (Malta) or 2156 9909 (Gozo) for further direction.

2. Who can join Sharing Lives?​

Sharing Lives is aimed for persons with disability who are 18 years and over.

3. What types of activities organised?

There are two ways how Sharing Lives operates. These are through social contact or group activities. Social contact is when a volunteer is matched with a person with disability and together, they engage in activities that they agree on. Group activities are mostly organised by volunteers or inspired by the service users’ interests. These take various forms such as picnics, barbecues, theatre outings or in form of programmes in music, sports and other creative arts.

4. Are persons with disability accompanied by anyone at the events?

Yes, there is always a volunteer/s trained by professionals and/or Sharing Lives team member/s at each event.

5. How frequently are the activities organised?

Sharing Lives depend a lot on the volunteers’ availibility and their support in creating new activities. For these reasons, there is no set time-table of events.

6. Is transport available for activities?

Service users are encouraged to be as independent as possible. However, for some activities, the Agency offers transportation. A team member of Sharing Lives will always communicate with the service users whether or not transport will be available and will also provide further the details about the activity ahead of the date.​