Social Work Service

The Social Work Service within Agenzija Sapport is the first point of contact for prospective service users having a disability and their respective families. As an initial step, the social workers meet with service users and their families to assess their needs and desired objectives to ensure that the person with disability is enabled, empowered and ultimately recognised as a full member of society. 


Social workers within Agenzija Sapport are able to provide the following when assisting service users and their families:
  • Intake: Respond to queries about the service and provide the necessary information about all the different types of possible support and interventions. ​
  • Advocacy: Provide advocacy services along with, or on behalf of, a person with disability whose rights and/or opportunities are being potentially compromised. This would include assuring that the person with disability is able to participate in all aspects of community life such as education, employment, recreational etc.​
  • Interventions: These may include requests for available funds that the service users are entitled to, assessments for other services within Sapport or outside the agency and contact with other professional, on behalf of, or to accompany service users.​
  • Support Groups: Organising regular support within a group setting for parents of children/adults who have a disability as well as siblings of persons who have a disability. ​​​
  • Other: Apart from the generic social work explained above, the Social Work Service is part of the multi-disciplinary team within Agenzija Sapport which caters for services offered by the agency such as Day Services, Community and Residential Services.


  • The Social Work Service is voluntary which means that the person with disability and his/her family request the service out of their own accord and are willing to cooperate/participate in the social work process and the necessary interventions carried out by the social worker of the agency. 
  • Persons with disability aged 60 years and over are directed to the Social Work Service of Active Ageing (Services for the Elderly). ​
  • When contact is made with the Social Work Service at Agenzija Sapport, the case is assessed by the Intake social worker and by the team leaders within the team. The case is normally placed on a waiting list and eventually it is allocated to a social worker who will make contact with the service user and/or the family. ​
  • The waiting list system is there to ensure that all referrals are seen to in the proper order they would have arrived to the attention of the Social Work Service. However, priority is given to individuals at high risk of institutionalisation or in high need of support. 

For a copy of the referral form used to refer persons with disability to the Social Work Service within Agenzija Sapport click here​​