Social Work Services work with individuals having a disability and their families/carers to deal with their social problems in an effective way. Social Workers plan to meet the desired objectives of the service user and his/her family/carer through assessment, short-term and/or long-term interventions.
The Social Work Services seek to promote the recognition of the person with disability as a full member of society. In adherence with the Agency's Holistic and Person-Centred Approach, Social Work Services provide individualised support services that would enable and empower persons with disability to realise their vision and enhance their quality of life. Through the participation and contribution of these persons the whole community is enriched, and thus Social Workers advocate for and promote such involvement.
Social Work Services provide the following:
Intake: respond to service requests and proceed with the follow-up plans;
  •  Coordination: support persons having disability and their families in all decision-making processes that affect them and coordinate formal and informal service provision;
  • Advocacy: provide advocacy services along with, or on behalf of, a person with disability whose rights to services or opportunities may actually or potentially be compromised. This service includes assisting persons with disability to participate in all aspects of community life (education, employment, recreation, home, social, and more);
  •  Screening and Assessment: provide screening and assessment in the areas of community involvement, social, emotional, educational and employment;
  •  Review: conduct and/or participate in regular reviews to ensure effective service provision in relation to Agency service users.
  •  Support Groups: coordinate and facilitate support groups for parents with and of persons with disability, as well as siblings of persons with disability.
Apart from generic social work and Children Support Services, the Social Work Unit within Aġenzija Sapport complements the Day, Community, and Residential Services , through Social Workers who are specifically assigned to these three services.