Online Conference: Assistive Technology - Unlocking Potential

The Access to Communication & Technology Unit hosted a FREE online conference with international experts from Cyprus, Israel and Ireland together with other local speakers.​

About this event
Technology has opened a myriad of opportunities for persons with physical disabilities and complex communication needs as it enables participation in society and improves their quality of life. The increased digitalisation within our society continues to make a real difference in their lives enabling these individuals to show who they are through their play or leisure preferences, and to show their potential to learn, study, find an employment, and control their environment. Moreover, the production of accessible technology for everyone means that person with disabilities of all ages are able to utilise mainstream technology to participate in a world with no barriers!

This conference covered:
  • A look at play and leisure opportunities for children with disabilities and discuss how advancement in technology offers a variety of solutions from mainstream products to more advanced innovations.
  • The most relevant technologies that enable computer access.
  • Explored AAC systems as a means of communication and beyond.
  • Discussed how mainstream technology enables environmental control for persons with disabilities.

Date: Friday 19th November 2021

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