Support Groups for Siblings of Persons with Disability

The Assessment and Intervention Services facilitate support groups for adults who have a sibling with a disability. The support group, gives the opportunity to siblings of persons with disability to share their experiences and feelings. Th​e agenda of these sessions includes imparting information regarding various topics of interest related to disability.​



The aim of this group is to provide time and opportunity for adult siblings to express their experiences and feelings, thus learning from each other’s experiences. A number of topics are covered and even guest speakers are invited to provide more knowledge on the topic.

​Some of the topics that are covered are:
  • difficulties and emotions experienced by siblings
  • impact on life decisions
  • the effect on family dynamics
  • self-care
  • accessing the right service
  • the effect of the person with disability within the community​


Two groups will be available, one in the morning and one in the afternoon
Small groups of 10 participants
Sessions duration of 2hrs / once a month

Who can apply: 

​All adults (18+) who have siblings with disability can apply for these support groups.

How to apply:

Application must then be sent to:                                    
Aġenzija Sapport
Assessment and Intervention Services
Triq Patri Gwann Azzopardi
Santa Venera SVR 1614  

One may also call on 22568000 or on Aġenzija Sapport Freephone 153 (press 5) for more information.​

Participants need to present a valid Covid vaccination certificate.

Considering the sensitivity of the group it is of utmost importance that the participants are committed to this group and keep a regular attendance.

These groups are free of charge and are led by professionals. ​​