Student Placement Request


 Student Placement Request


Request form for students to conduct placements within services of Aġenzija Sapport with respect to their course/training/work experience/job shadowing

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Kindly note that due to the current Covid19 pandemic, frontline placements are limited and reviewed on an ongoing basis according to directions and measures issued by relevant authorities.

NB: Placements are subject to availability according to number of hours and provided dates of expected completion for placement at the time of the request made.

Necessary Documents

Scanned ID Card or Passport:   

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I understand that my placement is subject to availability at the time of submitting this application within my selected placement areas. The placement will depend on the number of hours and provided dates of expected completion for the placement at the time of the request made

I understand that my age, level of education, health conditions may impact the choice of placement.

I understand that my request may be refused if there are no available placements available.

I understand that priority will be given to requests made by persons applying for placements from courses that are relevant to the Agency’s practices and sector.

I understand that this placement may include, among other things, following Agency professionals to observe their day-to-day duties and roles. There may be instances whereby some events may be observed which are out of the control of Aġenzija Sapport (ex: behaviours exhibited by service users, telephone calls with service users, etc.). I understand that some information viewed/heard may be confidential and proprietary. I understand that it is expected that the Confidentiality Agreement provided at the start of the placement is signed and that I will ensure to keep such information confidential.

I undertake to pass on any relevant information regarding my health to the Agency’s representatives for them to be in a better position to provide a placement to my requirements and abilities, and to take the appropriate measures in the case of any emergency which may arise during my placement with Aġenzija Sapport.

I undertake to inform the Agency’s representatives prior to any placement regarding any transmissible diseases/conditions I may have for appropriate precautions to be taken.

I understand that this placement is unpaid and will not be reimbursed for any expenses incurred during the placement.