Exemption from Payment - Vehicle Road Licence and/or Registration Tax

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This application may be used to request an Exemption from Payment of the Road Licence and/or for an Exemption from Payment of the Vehicle Registration Tax

Exemption from P​ayment of the Road Licence - The aim of this scheme is to help persons with disability acquire a means of transportation suitable for their needs and to lead a more independent life. 

Exemption from Payment of the Ve​hicle Registration Tax - The aim of this scheme is to provide support and financial assistance to persons with disability and their families to acquire a means of transportation suitable for their needs.


  1. If the application is for a modified vehicle, the vehicle needs to be inspected and certified at the Sonia Tanti Independent Living Centre (STILC).
  2. The Minister for Finance and Employment, on Aġenzija Sapport’s recommendation, may issue a full or partial exemption on the Road Licence and/or Registration Tax of a vehicle.​
  3. Vehicles registered in Malta from 1st January 2009, will not qualify for Free Road License if the CO2 emissions are high (i.e. more than 150g/km for diesel engines and more than 180g/km for petrol engines). It is the applicant’s responsibility to check the vehicle’s emission level on the logbook.
  4. To continue processing your application, Aġenzija Sapport needs to pass on your details to the Ministry for Finance and Employment, Transport Malta, and the Commissioner for Revenue.​

For information on schemes for greener vehicles kindly click this link​ for Transport Malta Schemes.

Click this link for a copy of the scheme’s guidelines.

Applicant's Details

Exemption from Payment of the Road Licence

Copy of your Road Licence


Copy of the Logbook, in the applicant’s name, of the vehicle to be exempted (for categories 1a to 1c)


Exemption from Payment of the Vehicle Registration Tax

Necessary Documents

Medical Certificate

Medical Certificate (To be filled by the doctor of the person with disability) To download the Medical Certificate please click this link


Copy of Special Identity Card


Copy of your Driving Licence (The Driving Licence must not be expired)



To download the Declaration Form please click this link

Signed Declaration Form:*   

Bank Details

The below is to be filled in ONLY by those applying for Registation Tax Exemption on the purchase of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle or Standard/Manual Vehicle with Modifications or Automatic Vehicle with Modifications


I authorise that payment is made as follows:

By submitting this application, I authorise the Commissioner for Revenue to settle payments of claim for reimbursement by direct credit method. Also, I declare that the details and information provided in this application are correct.

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