Liaison and Risk Management Department

The Liaison and Risk Management Department oversees several sections under Aġenzija Sapport to develop fluid communication practices, standardised procedures, and risk management across the organisation.


One of the Department’s responsibilities is to act as the central contact and information sharing point between the Social Care Standards Authority (SCSA) and Aġenzija Sapport services for licensing purposes.

Licencing and Standardisation of Services

In adherence to the National Standards for Persons with Disability published by the SCSA, service providers are expected to collaborate with the Authority to ensure that services are provided with the service users’ wellbeing at the heart of their operations.


Aġenzija Sapport ensures that the guidelines provided by the SCSA are adhered to and followed through with the best possible practices for the full benefit of the service users.


For each social care service to operate, a Licence is issued by the SCSA to certify legal operations according to the published Standards and Performance Indicators. This licence is valid for a year and the provided copy of the certificate is visibly displayed within each of the premises where licenced services are provided by the Agency.


For reference, one may click this link to access these services standards.

Compliance and complaints

To ensure full transparency, Aġenzija Sapport calls for service users and their relatives to communicate any issues observed or experienced and complaints to the Liaison and Risk Management Department, to investigate and if necessary, rectify accordingly.


One may send an email on​ or call the Aġenzija Sapport Helpline on Freehone 153 (and press 5) or on 2256 8000.

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