Carers Scheme – Independent Community Living Monitoring (ICLM) Services


The Independent Community Living Monitoring (ICLM) service within Aġenzija Sapport focuses its resources to provide support and follow up to persons with disability and their families in Malta and in Gozo who benefit from financial subsidy to acquire personal assistance through a carer of their own choice. These services aim to assist the person with disability to live an independent life in the community whilst ensuring that they continue to receive services, which are proactive towards their needs.


The ICLM is committed to ensure that the service users are receiving the most beneficial form of assistance and that their right to a better quality of life is being fulfilled. It values the person’s dignity, human strength and needs. The service is strongly led by purpose to achieve the desired goals of the individual. ​ ​


The intake team receives and processes all intake requests by prospective services, families, and other professionals who ask for any service within the Agency. All intakes are meticulously assessed by the Intake professionals, who will identify which service/s the individual can benefit from dependent on the needs, interests and wishes of the individual.


Following this assessment, the team will liaise accordingly with the professionals from the departments of the services identified and carry out follow-up action plans.


If through assessment it is determined that the service user will benefit from the Independent Community Living (ICL) service, the social worker / professional will compile a detailed report regarding the presenting need of the client for ICL Report. Once this report is finalised, the respective professional will assist the service user in presenting the case in front an autonomous board. Board members will evaluate the presented case and approve or otherwise, the presented request.


Once this request is approved and service commences, the ICLM team will follow and monitor the case. Monthly claim sheets are vetted and processed by the Finance team.


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Direct Payment

A financial package is offered to persons with disability giving them the opportunity to select their own personal carer to provide a service based on conditions and tasks agreed upon between the end service user and Aġenzija Sapport. Direct Payment is to be considered as a subsidy to assist persons with disabilities to manage their selected services.
Services through Direct Payment can be accessed when requests are less than 13 hours per week.
Any requests for services of more than 13 hours will fall under the Independent Community Living scheme, or Personal Assistance Fund if over 30 hours, and are approved by the Services Allocation Committee (SAC) or Personal Assistance Fund Board (PAF Board). ​​

Independent Community Living Scheme

Similar to Direct Payment, the Independent Community Living scheme (ICL), is a financial package offered to persons with disability to live more independently or provide more assistance in more intense situations. The package can cover services provided by a live-in carer or an amount of hours that exceeds the maximum offered through Direct Payment (13 hours per week), to pay for a carer.


If the person requests an amount in excess of 30 hours per week, the request will fall under the Personal Assistance Fund (PAF).​

Personal Assistance Fund

The Personal Assistance Fund (PAF) caters mainly for live in carers. Service users are allocated a monthly/yearly financial package to subsidise the costs of the carer. The PAF can be utilised by adults who have been assessed as requiring more that 30 hours per week of ongoing personal assistance.​​


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