My Programme provides community-based support to persons with disability and their families in Malta and Gozo. The service’s overarching aim is to assist persons with disability to lead an independent life in the community, while enhancing the quality of life of the service user and his or her guardians. It provides services aimed at the individuals’ wants and needs according to their abilities and limitations, following an assessment and intervention plan before the service commences.


The service may encompass interventions aimed at:

  • improving one’s care
  • assistance in learning and participation in housekeeping skills
  • community participation and social skills
  • engagement in group-focused interventions
  • prevention and management of behaviours of concerns following positive behaviour interventions


The professionals together with the service user will do a personalised tailor-made plan for every individual. This plan is time-framed for every set goal. This programme is then followed by both the service user and the Support Worker when carrying out interventions. This plan is then reviewed with the service user to re-plan goals’.




My Programme is an updated service, previously known as Community Services. The Agency’s Community Service is an award-winning service, presented with the European Social Services Award for Excellence 2021 by the European Social Network.


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My Programme is offered to individuals being followed by Aġenzija Sapport Social Workers. Eligible individuals referred to the service are those with social issues that require close monitoring while learning or enhancing new skills to promote participation and independence in the community.


My Programme may be accessed by any individual with disability under the age of 60 and is not restricted to any type of impairment. The service follows the below criteria:​


  • Priority is given to individuals at high risk of being institutionalised, or are in high need of support. This includes individuals who are wheelchair users and currently have very limited accessibility. The main scope for this is to minimise social isolation of the individuals.


  • The prospective service user and/or family has/have been assessed as requiring monitoring for prevention and further protection due to alarming risk factors in their current situation.


  • The person with a disability, his/her family, and/or service providers are willing to participate in the Individual Support Plan and Person-Centred Planning process for intervention of Daily Living Skills. This person, his/her family, and/or service providers are involved as required by the particular service.

Referrals and Assessments

The Intake Team receives and processes all intake requests by prospective services, families, and other professionals who ask for any service within the Agency. All intakes are meticulously assessed by the Intake professionals, who will identify which service/s the individual can benefit from depending on the needs, interests and wishes of the individual.


Following this assessment, the team will liaise accordingly with the professionals from the departments of the services identified and carry out follow-up action plans. In case where the need of My Programme is being noticed, the Intake Team will liaise with the Social Work Team for further assessments. If the social worker, from his/her professional assessment, concludes that the family and/or individual falls under the Programmes’ eligibility criteria, the case will then be discussed with My Programme professionals.


Following referral to the My Programme, both teams will then discuss any other logistics that need to be considered in the individual’s support plan to enhance the service user’s quality of life and independence.


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