The aim of this scheme is to provide support and financial assistance to persons with disability and their families to acquire a means of transportation suitable for their needs. 


An application form is to be submitted together with:

  1. a copy of the EU Disability Card
  2. a copy of the driving licence


The application should be submitted to Aġenzija Sapport before the vehicle is purchased.



  • It is important that the vehicle is NOT purchased and registered in Malta before passing through the whole process and a letter of Approval from the Ministry of Finance and Employment is issued.
  • The vehicle that will eventually be purchased must not have an active Maltese registration.
  • If the vehicle is registered before or during the processing phase, then the application will be closed. This would also mean that the applicant can only apply for the Road License Exemption on registered vehicle.
  • Furthermore, if the individual is applying for the first time, or if their vehicle requirements have altered from a previous application, they will be required to attend to an appointment with the Occupational Therapist for assessment. 


Once all documents are completed, the application is then sent to the Ministry for Finance and Employment for the Board’s consideration. The decision letter granting exemption from payment of the vehicle registration tax is issued by the Ministry for Finance and Employment.​


  • In order to benefit from the Vehicle Registration Tax Exemption, the vehicle must not be previously registered in Malta. Only exception is when the vehicle is being purchased locally, from the person with disability directly, who already has benefitted from such exemption.
  • If the person’s disability started at the age of 65 or after, he/she has to be the driver in order to benefit from the Vehicle Registration Tax Exemption. However, this does not apply for individuals applying on Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles. 


Click this link for a copy of the scheme’s guidelines.


Those interested in applying for this exemption may fill in the application form electronically, download the application and submit it via email, by hand or by post at address below.


Opening hours


Monday to Friday:  07:30 – 16:00

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: Not Available

Address: Aġenzija Sapport, Head Office, Patri Ġwann Azzopardi Street, Santa Venera SVR 1614

For Head Office location and/or directions click this link


For more information on this scheme, one may send an email on


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