Being a father to a child with disability can bring a range of feelings and emotions, and everyone experiences this differently.


Aġenzija Sapport offers a set of 12 workshops aimed at fathers of children with disability. Through these workshops, the fathers have the opportunity to discuss together as well as gain further insight on diverse topics that can support them in understanding their children’s behaviour and needs.


Topics covered during these workshops include:

  • Connecting with other fathers
  • Working in partnership with service providers
  • Juggling the needs of your family, work, and your own needs
  • Balancing the needs of other family members
  • Maintaining positive adult relationships
  • My child and me
  • Managing behaviour
  • Encouraging your child’s emotional growth
  • Building relationships through play and friendships
  • Stress management
  • Finding your own strengths and solutions
  • Focusing on the future


These groups are free of charge and are led by professionals. 


The Fathers’ Workshops are held once a month.


Those interested in applying for the workshops may download the application and submit it via email, by hand or by post at the address below.


Application must then be sent to:

Aġenzija Sapport, Family Support Unit, Patri Ġwann Azzopardi Street, Santa Venera SVR 1614


One may also send an email on, or call Aġenzija Sapport Helpline on Freephone 153 (press 5) for more information.

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